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Pricing Information

What are the costs?

Costs for travel outside the lower mainland will vary based on the expenses, travel time, and accommodation required. Please call or email for more detailed pricing and when we will be in your area.

The following prices are for the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

  • 2-hour small group single presentation for 30 students or less is $250.00 + GST.
  • 3-hour morning session is $350.00 + GST. This is time for 2 or 3 presentations that can accommodate 2 to 3 groups of students
  • 7-hour full day session is $500.00 + GST. This is generally time for 4 to 5 presentations and can accommodate 4-10 classes depending on space available for students and display tablesThe Mobile Museum is suitable for all ages presenting to care homes for the elderly, people with special needs as well as local community special events.Please feel free to call or E-mail for more details to have me present at your event or location

Please call or email for more detailed pricing and when we will be in your area.

Please book your schools tour date(s) early to ensure you get a suitable date. It is free to reserve your date. Reservations can be made up to 1 year in advance.

To assist you with passing on this information, please print out the Printable Mobile Museum brochure. Our new printable Flyer

 Also for your information…

At BC Artifacts Mobile Museum Tours, respect and ethics are very important.

I have always acquired ancient legally obtained Fur trade items & Gold Rush artifacts from BC and California. These collections also included early pioneer well documented British Columbia, Great Basin, Columbia River, California, Northwest Coast, Alaska, Rocky Mountain Artifact collections containing ancient tools, arrowheads, projectile points, darts, knives, ground stone artifacts, and literature and sometimes fine individual artifact examples.

I purchased and documented these collections for preservation and to use in the Mobile Museum Tours. I have published and made them available for reference, teaching and learning. These books were also gifted to the collector/finder as well as being made available online for the public through Blurb books. These pioneer collections, in my opinion, were a non-renewable resource that needed be recorded and now shared.

*References available upon request

*I am “Bondable” with the “BC Criminal Records Check” completed

Email: tours@mobilemuseum.ca or Phone: 778-386-3110

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