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  • Kenton Falls/Yale Secondary School“I thought it was an amazing presentation! My students were highly engaged and loved the hands-on artifacts. It was a very enjoyable experience.”
  • Tony Dekleva/Teacher/Librarian at Yale Secondary School “Tony did a fantastic job of presenting to our students over two days. The kids were engaged and interested throughout. Tony arrived early to set up his displays in our Learning Commons. He was very professional and effective at communicating his love of local history and artifacts. When you see Tony speak, it is easy to see that he is very passionate about British Columbia’s history. Thanks Tony!”
  • Hannah Bennett | Arts and Culture Programmer  “Thank You so much for joining us at our Culture days event. Your exhibits and talk were fascinating- everyone was so engaged. All the best to you with the school year ahead. Hope to have you again next year…or sooner!! ” Thanks, Hannah Langley Centennial Museum | Arts, Culture & Community Initiatives
  • Ryan Haight/PLEA Community Services  “Tony is a professional. Our youth loved the presentation, and the hands on experience handling the history of BC. Tony brings a teaching style that is both a pleasure to watch as well as engage in.”
  • Tony brought his Mobile Museum to both of my schools and all the classes were so excited about his displays and his stories and could have spent even more than the 60 minutes scheduled for each group. Do not hesitate to book Tony into your school and book the second day rather than exceed his recommended size limits for the groups. Lisa Person Nerpio/Teacher Librarian
  • Thanks for your great presentations, Tony! The five classes of Gr 3, 4, and 5 students were kept interested throughout. Your impressive collection of artifacts was intriguing and informative for staff and students alike. The kids especially liked the inclusion of a hands-on table. I can definitely foresee inviting you back in the future. https://instagram.com/p/BMHq87DA7Ci/ https://instagram.com/p/BMHr–3g-Pi/ Christopher Hunt, Teacher-Librarian—K-6 Sardis Elementary School
  •   Diane Shepherd-Dynes/Admiral Seymour Elementary School “Tony arrived at our school with the Mobile Museum at 7:30 in the morning ready to set up his powerpoint presentation and his very impressive display of BC artifacts and information. He brought the past alive and fired up curiosity and wonder in all of our students whether they were in Kindergarten or in Grade 7. His calm, friendly and knowledgeable style had students approach him with several questions and stories of their own during the hands on section of the program. In fact, he was so popular he even made the current issue of our Student Paper – “Seymour Star!”
  • “Our students were fascinated with the collection of artifacts and they were fully engaged with Tony’s presentation! He has a wealth of knowledge about the Aboriginal culture. We were fortunate to have him share it with our students!” Sandra Kirkegaard and Paula Jeram/Trudeau Elementary School
  • “Students really enjoyed the museum and the presentation. Lots of good learning and a unique chance to see and touch real North American history.” Paul Taylor/Henry Bose Elementary
  • “Tony was great with assisting me in the selection of affordable artifacts to use in my grade 7 classroom—helping bring history alive for my students!” Susan McNeil/Southridge School